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I’ve heard from many of you since the election, and I know many of us are on edge over the uncertainties that lie ahead and what actions the new administration may take impacting our LGBT military families and allies.

As a non-partisan, non-profit organization, I want to reassure you that we are committed to working with our allies, regardless of their political affiliations, to ensure the progress we’ve made for our military families is secure. We are working to ensure our modern military families continue to have a voice moving forward.

I will be frank. We expect a battle ahead of us. Now more than ever, regardless of who each of us may have voted for, we must stand united to ensure we protect our military families from any aggression and attempts to roll back our progress.

Just yesterday, we joined a coalition of national organizations to deliver more than 340,000 signatures to key members in Congress, urging them to reject an amendment in the defense bill that would allow discrimination against LGBT people and others. Thousands of AMPA members and supporters signed that petition, and I was so proud to be able to personally deliver them.

So here’s my promise. AMPA will continue to fight for you. We will continue our unprecedented work in education, advocacy, and support for our LGBT military families and allies. We’ve got your back, and we won’t back down.

Here’s what I need from you. I’m asking you now to stand with us and donate however much you are able. You know we rarely ask for your financial support, but we need to be able to act quickly and forcefully against threats to our families that may arise.

Let us know you stand with us by donating now.


Ashley Broadway-Mack
President, The American Military Partner Association

P.S. Follow me on Twitter at @AshBroadwayMack