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Vanessa and Jasmine have been together for three years, and were married on January 17th, 2014, in Washington DC. They originally met in the 8th grade, graduated high school together, and met up 7 years later to fall in love.

They are both “Army Brats” and lived in many different places, but they call Copperas Cove, Texas, home.

Vanessa is a Patient Care Coordinator at a local dermatology in Fayetteville, NC, and Jasmine is an Army Staff Sergeant, Geospatial Engineer (12Y).

Vanessa & Jasmine 2Vanessa loves how her wife Jasmine always brings out the best in others through enthusiasm for life and her stunning positive attitude. Jasmine adores her wife’s ability to remain calm. “No matter how hectic things can get, she always balances me out, encourages me to keep going, and supports and loves me unconditionally.”

When the going gets tough, this couple focuses on each other. They use their communication skills to talk out their problems, and let their emotions settle. “We believe that our commitment to one another is bigger than any obstacle that we could ever face and that we can overcome anything, together.”

The Codougan-Hernandez family is blessed from both sides. Their families have showed nothing but love and support, and they have been inseparable since they met! Their parents even get together weekly for lunch or just to relax. Both Vanessa and Jasmine love spending holidays with their families because it makes the most wonderful time of year even more wonderful.

The American Military Partner Association has given this family their confidence by being an extended family support group.

“I always feel like I can go to the group with questions that I may have and know that I will get honest answers.”

Having already been through one deployment together, their advice to other military families would be to avoid fighting.

“There are going to be times when your emotions are running high, but no matter what, never get off the phone without saying, I LOVE YOU!”