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Utilizing the Family Care Plan

As part of the Family Care Plan, a same-sex partner/spouse can be listed as a Care Giver for dependent military children.  This Care Giver status grants the same-sex partner/spouse access to base facilities, including base housing, commissary/exchange shopping, etc., in order to provide care to the dependent military child or children.  While this guidance is specifically for the U.S. Army, other branches will have variations to these procedures.  Please check with your unit’s family readiness program for assistance, or contact the American Military Partner Association by emailing

Documents that must be included in the Family Care Plan (FCP):

You will need Lotus Forms Viewer to open these files.  This can be downloaded at no cost at:  You will need to log into AKO to access.

  • DA Form 5304 – FCP Counseling Checklist (must be signed by CO CDR)
  • DA Form 5305 – FCP (must be signed by CO CDR)
  • DA Form 5840 – Certificate of Acceptance as Guardian or Escort for each guardian (TEMP or long-term) (must be notarized by private notary, cannot use SJA/JAG if partner is non-military)
  • DA Form 5841 – Power of Attorney (template is available through SJA/JAG and can be notarized by SJA/JAG)
  • DD Form 1172 – Application for Uniformed Service Identification Cards -DEERS Enrollment  [ensure each child is listed on the DEERS form; signed copy can be obtained at the installation ID Card Section or through (CAC access only)]
  • DD Form 2558 – Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Allotment [if you do not want to use the allotment form for financial support, provide a statement in the Letter of Instruction (see sample Letter of Instruction for example)]
  • Letter of Instruction – Must include necessary arrangements to ensure the FCP can be smoothly implemented and include at a minimum: legal, educational, financial, religious, special needs (See example which has a bit more than required…anything highlighted in yellow is information that will not change as you PCS, anything in blue is things that will change when you PCS.)
  • DA Form 7666 – Parental Consent [Not required, but highly recommended and must be notarized, can be notarized by SJA/JAG (this allows your partner to act as temporary guardian of your dependents while you are performing your military duties)]

As part of your FCP, you are required to brief escorts and guardians on procedures to gain access to military facilities, services, entitlements, and benefits on behalf of your dependant.  While each base differs, by regulation (AR 600-20) “single” and dual military parents are authorized to sponsor a non-military member to act as caregiver/escort to their children. In order to do so, you must request two things:

  • Access to Commissary/Exchange Entry/Purchase Authorization (typically done at the main ID Card Section of each Installation)
  • Temporary Vehicle Pass [1 year (typically done at the Installation Provost Marshall Office)].

Below is the breakdown of what is needed for each location:

Main ID Card Section:

Ask for Commissary/Exchange Entry/Purchase Authorization Card in support of the FCP.  Bring with you:

  • Approved FCP,  signed by CO CDR
  • Family Care Provider ID Card Memo, signed by CO CDR [see sample memo…Yellow is who the ID Card will be issued to, Red is the DOD Sponsor, blue is your CO CDR information (each Installation is different, the sample provided is from Ft. Bragg, NC)]
  • MIL ID Card (Sponsor)
  • Dependant ID Card (Child)
  • 2 forms of ID for the person receiving the Family Care Provider ID Card (person must be present)
Provost Marshall:

Ask for Temporary Vehicle Pass, Purpose: Caregiver Pass.  Bring with you:

  • Person receiving Vehicle Pass must be present & background check will be required
  • MIL ID Card (Sponsor)
  • Dependant ID Card (Child)
  • Commissary/Exchange Entry/Purchase Authorization Card (issued at the Main ID Card Section)
  • DriversLicense of person receiving Caregiver Pass
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Insurance

All of these documents are required to be updated annually to include the Commissary/Exchange Entry/Purchase Authorization and the Temporary Vehicle Pass.


To see the sample documents referenced above, or for more information, contact the American Military Partner Association at