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Some members of Congress are trying to use tax dollars to fund discrimination. They’re hijacking the National Defense Authorization Act to push sweeping discrimination that targets women, LGBT people, and religious minorities in the workplace.

This amendment would jeopardize existing non-discrimination policies that protect 28 million workers – one-fifth of the country’s workforce.

The Russell Amendment would allow religiously-affiliated organizations that receive federal grants and contracts – like hospitals and universities – to discriminate against a broad swath of our society. You could be fired for marrying your same-sex partner – or denied benefits afforded to other married couples. You could be fired for being a single woman and taking birth control. You could be fired for being transgender. Or you could be refused a job interview if you don’t practice the “right religion.”

The Russell Amendment was added to the NDAA late at night with no debate. They thought we wouldn’t notice, but they were wrong. We’re taking action to stop it in its tracks, working together with the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, and many more.

If we collect enough signatures by the time Congress is back in session on November 14, we can kill this poisonous amendment. Will you join us?


To Senators McCain (R-AZ) and Reed (D-RI) and Representatives Thornberry (R-TX) and Smith (D-WA):

The Russell Amendment uses “religious freedom” as an excuse to discriminate against women, LGBT people, and religious minorities. Do not use tax dollars to fund employment discrimination: remove the Russell Amendment from the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act.


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