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Today, Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) will introduce a resolution in Congress opposing President Trump’s ban on openly transgender service members and urging the Department of Defense to not implement the discriminatory ban as litigation against it continues. The resolution has 103 cosponsors.

The American Military Partner Association (AMPA), OutServe-SLDN, and SPARTA, the nation’s three key advocacy and support organizations for our LGBTQ military, veteran, and military family communities, issued the following responses:

“At this very moment, thousands of patriots who happen to be transgender are willing to risk their very lives for our nation — from active duty military members to qualified recruits who want to serve,” said American Military Partner Association President Ashley Broadway-Mack. “While the Trump-Pence administration unconscionably singles out these brave transgender Americans for discrimination, it’s crucial that Members of Congress make clear they stand behind them and are grateful for their service and sacrifice. We are thankful for Representative Joe Kennedy’s leadership on this important resolution.”

“We applaud Congressman Kennedy and the co-sponsors of this referendum for the unwavering and visible support of our nation’s patriots, no matter their gender identity,” said OutServe-SLDN Executive Director Andy Blevins.“As the litigation surrounding this unnecessary and unwarranted ban continues,
our brave, transgender service members remain steadfast in their selfless service and commitment to our nation. We applaud the efforts of our Congressional leaders as they work to eclipse the hostility coming from the Trump-Pence Administration and remind our service members that we see them, we are proud of them, and they will not be left behind.”

“We thank our leaders for their support of transgender service members who contribute every day to the increased readiness and lethality of our military as their authentic selves,” said SPARTA President Blake Dremann.

Last week, Members of Congress introduced bipartisan legislation in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to protect the service of transgender military members and hopeful recruits. The legislation aims to make open and authentic service for qualified transgender people the law of the land.