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photo 1Dual-military couple Lauren and Savannah Peters, met in San Diego, CA, and were legally married in Washington, DC, in August of 2012.  Together for 4 years, they have been through 2 deployments and 1 PCS move as a couple.  As a dual-military couple, they successfully requested to be co-located together at their current duty station in Virginia Beach, VA.  Lauren, a Navy Supply Officer, is originally from eastern North Carolina, while Savannah, a Surface Warfare Officer, is from northwest New Jersey.

Lauren said, “Because we are both active duty our biggest struggle was co-location and command acceptance.  Our commands are both supportive of our relationship and make each other feel comfortable at command functions.  We were both nervous about coming out at our current commands, but have both had an extremely positive reaction.”

Lauren and Savannah hope to have children in the future, but for now their energetic 3 year-old yellow Labrador named Moose, keeps them very busy.  They’ve also decided to both make the Navy a career. Although a dual 20-year career serving our nation while also raising a family may seem daunting, they have an amazing support system on both sides of their family which gives them strength and readiness for the challenges of what starting a family will bring.

photo 2Since joining AMPA, Lauren and Savannah feel that there is great opportunity to see other families just like their own.  “We all have similar issues and it is refreshing and inspiring to see other individuals fighting for our rights.”

When asked for any piece of advice, Lauren and Savannah agreed that having both been deployed and with the perspective of both sides of the deployment, it has been harder for the partner who is at home.  “Trust is obviously important in every relationship, but it will be tested to a new level once you spend 8 months or greater apart.”

They also agree that each partner needs to be aware of each other’s struggles.  The person at home needs to realize that their deployed loved one is likely extremely busy and stressed out, so its important to try and reduce what you can at home.  On the opposite side of things, the person deployed needs to realize that their loved one at home has taken on the responsibilities of running the home front while worrying about your well being.

“Deployments are tough but at the end of the day it will make your relationship stronger.”

photo 3When asked what is a quality or a characteristic about your partner that inspires, Lauren said, “I am inspired by Savannah’s creativity and determination, we both enjoy working on projects around the house.  Savannah is the creative one that comes up with great ideas and then we work together to bring the project to life.  Recently we built an outdoor kitchen and pergola, it took us 4 weekends to build from the ground up, and it was the biggest project we have taken on so far and turned out great.”

Savannah said, “Lauren inspires me to have a closer relationship with not only my family, but hers as well. I could have never imagined that getting married and starting a life with someone would feel so perfect. I would have to say growing up I had hoped to have a large family that always got together during holidays and family events. I can say now that her family has not only brought that aspect, but has included my own.”