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Jason and Kenny Wedding 2-2

Kenneth and Jason are both from the state of Maryland, and have been together for three years.  They met each other online, creating dating profiles at the behest of their friends.  They were recently married (this past September) and currently live right outside of Washington, DC, in Cheverly, MD.

A Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, Kenneth is the Lead Chief Petty Officer in the J6 of the NATO Washington detachment, supporting IT projects at the NATO headquarters in Norfolk, VA.  As a civilian, Kenneth works as a Senior Systems Administrator at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Jason is a graphic Designer at Board Source as well as a Pet Product Specialist at Metro Mutts in Washington, DC.

Jason and Kenny Tampa-2While they have lived in Maryland for the majority of their relationship, Jason was in charge of planning their wedding while Kenneth was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

One of Kenneth’s favorite characteristics about his husband is that Jason has the ability to remain calm in any situation.  They keep their relationship in a positive light by remembering all of the enjoyable activates they do together.

Kenneth said, “Between the repeal of DADT, the demise of DOMA, and the acceptance/recognition of our relationship by the Department of Defense and extension of benefits, our relationship feels closer to other married couples than we ever thought it could. We feel lucky — and thankful to those who have fought with us to have equal treatment and benefits.”

Jason and Kenny Khacki BallTo them, AMPA is a place where they collaborate and get support for the numerous challenges they face as a military family.  They can share stories and empathize with other families who share similar difficulties, all while getting answers to numerous questions.  Kenneth said AMPA is “a force toward equality that has a reputation for enacting change for military families.”

When asked to share what helped keep their relationship going while Kenneth was deployed, they said the key is being able to relax and forgive. “Think long and hard about what you say before you say it, especially if you’re upset.  It is hard to tell what the other is going through, so don’t risk a fight. You have to be thoughtful.”