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Married in Buffalo, New York, in July of 2012, Erika and Gabriella first met each other at a restaurant that they both worked for, where Gabriella trained Erika as a waitress. They are both originally from Clarkston, Michigan, and have two adorable fur babies, Lucy and Lennox. They are now currently stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia.

erika segoblianoErika is now a full time student, stay at home wife, and full time couponer. An active duty Specialist in the United States Army, Gabriella serves as a Military Police Officer. They are ecstatic to announce that they have received their first PCS orders to the Netherlands, and they couldn’t be any more excited!

“Erika always supports me, my career, long hours and anything that happens to come up unannounced.  She’s always up for anything and everything that gets thrown her way!”

Just like any other couple, Gabriella and Erika’s relationship has endured a few struggles. Before Erika could receive military benefits as a spouse, their family would struggle to keep their heads above water. However, with love for each other, Erika now has full benefits and is recognized by the US Military.

“AMPA means a whole lot more to us than most people think. I think of it as the biggest family you could imagine. They will always help you in a time of need and are always prepared to give you an answer to any questions you might have.”

Erika & Gabriella 2