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Johnson 1Courtney and Sgt. LaToyia Johnson have been together for almost three years and were recently married on Valentine’s Day. They originally met online and are both from military families.  Courtney is from New Jersey and LaToyia is originally from the Lone Star State, Texas.

Sgt. LaToyia is an E5 in the US Army and is an 88M (Motor Transport Operator). Courtney is a Program Director at an adult learning center, as well as an Online Subject Matter Expert/ Course Facilitator.

Courtney finds many characteristics of her wife LaToyia inspiring. 

“Toyia has a determination about her that is so inspiring and she truly knows how to pass it along to everyone she meets. She never gives up, and always learns from her failures.  She builds upon success, and never lets any obstacle obstruct her from her goals.”

When Sgt. LaToyia was deployed to Afghanistan, the Johnson family relied upon their faith to help them through the rough times.  Courtney would go to church and take various notes from the sermon to give to LaToyia while she was away.  During this deployment, they found that constant communication was a necessity for them. 

Johnson 3“You must realize that both jobs are extremely difficult.  You have to realize that someone is waiting on, and relying on hearing your voice.”

They both could not be more happy and grateful for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and the demise of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).  This has allowed them to be who they are while serving their country.  However, they still would like to see equality across the entire nation.  Since the state of Virginia wouldn’t grant them the right to marry, they had to travel to Maryland.  This was a reminder to them that even with the repeal of DADT and DOMA, we still have many more obstacles to face before we reach full equality.

AMPA helped Courtney find a new network of support for her when LaToyia was deployed.  She wasn’t married, and had no legal connections in terms of support.  She was very pleased to see how encouraging AMPA was and now she can help other military spouses across the globe with the knowledge she learns daily. 

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