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Every June, we celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, and now more than ever, it’s incredibly important that we show our pride. It’s a time of reflection on the progress we’ve made, and it’s an important opportunity to be visible and recommit to the battles we have ahead of us in the fight for LGBTQ equality.

As we look to the future, many are understandably concerned the progress we’ve made may be in jeopardy — especially because of the recent attacks from the Trump-Pence administration on our transgender service members, who are openly and proudly serving our nation today as their authentic selves. However, as we stand together united as one community, we are resolved to win the battles ahead. And we WILL win them — because history is on our side.

It’s crucially important that we stand up and show our pride, making clear to those who want to do us harm that we aren’t going anywhere.

So be proud of who you are. Be proud of your service to our great nation. And show your pride at one of the LGBTQ Pride Month Observances in June at local military installations around the world. Need help organizing one at your military installation? Email us at

Happy Pride!