Summer & Celeste

Summer & Celeste

Summer and Celeste are both from a small town in Ohio called Centerville, about an hour south of Columbus.  Celeste recently enlisted in the Army, and Summer is a home health aide for individuals with MRDD, as well as a full time nursing student.

As a new military family with a brand new baby girl, they are learning to deal with the challenges of military life, and it has had its ups and downs already. Summer said, “It is really hard being away from the person you love for so long with little to no contact.  However, I feel like the distance has made the relationship stronger and has allowed us to connect on a whole difference level.”

Even though the military life brings about a lot of uncertainties about their future, Summer couldn’t be more proud of Celeste and believes her joining the Army was the best decision for their family.    They are also learning early on the stuggles they face as a same sex couple.  Summer pointed out that, “If the military recognized our family and granted us the same benefits as heterosexual families, it would make life so much easier for both of us.  I would love to be able to have the security of knowing that our daughter is considered a dependent of my partner and would receive dependent benefits.”

They are also concerned with what the future holds in terms of having to move to various duty stations around the country and the world.  Summer says, “A change in law or policy would give me and our daughter the ability to go with Celeste whether she is stationed stateside or overseas.  There are so many needed changes that would impact our family.”


  1. Summer and Celeste are from my town of Centerville Ohio. God Bless, keep and protect them from enemies both foreign and unfortunately, domestic. Please encourage your elected officials to protect ALL of our American Families with equal rights and equallity in marriage.

  2. I am a 61yo Navy vet. I am so proud of you all!!! being in the closet is no fun. I wrote a piece, i will share: EnjoyThe Real FoolYou’re never a fool when you share your heart.Because, you see, I can’t be a part.If you never open the door and let me in.In today’s world, we are told to guard our hertas and to never expose ourselves,To live a lie and never be real.We cover ourselves in clothing of deceit and parade ourselves as something we are not.It’s a world of jokers, clowns and court jesters,Who act on the stage of life as to mockery,Who pretend what they are not.When the show is over, they go back to their dressing rooms, remove the costumes and makeup, to expose themselves to the Mirror that sees all.They see that they are miserable, yet have fooled themselves for so long, that they can never be themselves.To expose themselves to the world and allow their hertas to be open and the freedom to be real.God Bless the USA

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