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Stephen Peters

President Emeritus of the American Military Partner Association

Stephen Peters (Washington, DC) proudly served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. After being discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT), Stephen undertook an unprecedented effort to advocate for the families of LGBT service members and veterans. As the partner of an active duty Marine, Stephen led a small group of same-sex military spouses in what was then called the “Campaign for Military Partners” and turned it in to the nation’s largest and most influential organization of its kind — the American Military Partner Association — today with over 50,000 members and supporters.

Under his leadership, AMPA grew dramatically and sparked a national dialogue on the exclusion of same-sex partners and spouses of service members from military benefits and support systems. Through incredible hard work, strategic social and earned media outreach, and extensive grassroots organizing, Stephen placed the organization on a national stage. Even beyond fighting for full equality for LGBT military families, Stephen also set the organization on an important path forward in education, advocacy, and support for our nation’s modern military families. He has been sought after as a speaker and in the media on the issues and policies impacting LGBT military spouses and their families.

Stephen now works as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, has served on the Military Spouse Advisory Council of the Military Officers Association of America, and was elected Military Spouse Magazine‘s 2014 Pentagon Spouse of the Year.  He and his husband, a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, live in Washington, DC. Stephen holds an MBA in International Business and an MS in International Relations. To contact him directly, email him at

Follow Stephen on Twitter at @stephenpeters2