Last week, President Trump tweeted that he was banning all transgender service members from the military.

Now, I’m sitting across from my husband at another very quiet dinner table. It’s been a few days since we’ve slept and words between us only bring tears. What can you say when we aren’t even sure what any of this will mean? We are terrified! The tweets from the POTUS last week threaten my family and our future.

My spouse is a 2nd class in the US Navy. He is also transgender.

He didn’t wake up yesterday and decide he wanted to be a man. This is how he has felt since as far back as he can remember. It has never affected his ability to serve.

What would you do if you read a tweet from your boss threatening your career? How do I tell my daughter that after the 9-month deployments and the years of service, it wasn’t enough for our country? I promised her that she could go to the same school for more than one year, finally, and even though we just moved across the country twice now, we might have to move again. Where do we go from here?

These are questions we never thought we would be asking ourselves. Everyday my husband puts on his uniform and serves his country. My husband has always had pride in his service and served with honor and bravery! He has proven his ability and readiness for his country and has always planned to continue to serve. As his family, we pack up and follow our sailor wherever and whenever our country calls.

He isn’t asking for special treatment or privileges, but to just be treated as any other person in the military. Now his rights are being threatened and his career on the line.

How can I fight for him now when I feel so helpless?


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