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Today, social media is a way of being for every military family; we are a generation lucky enough to benefit from the internet as a form of communication when our loved ones are across the room or across the globe! Most of us are already practicing what the DoD refers to as OPSEC — Operational Security — on a day to day basis, but it’s important to remember how we can remain secure as families and as supporters of a greater mission.

Items Authorized to Discuss on Social Media Platforms:

  • Pride and support for service, units, specialties, and service member.
  • Generalizations about service or duty.
  • General status of the location of a unit. (“Operating in southern Afghanistan” as opposed to “operation in the village of Hajano Kali in Arghandab district of southern Afghanistan.”)
  • Any other information already in the public domain posted by official sources.

Items Not Authorized to Discuss on Social Media Platforms:

  • Descriptions or photos of overseas bases.
  • Unit morale.
  • Future operations or plans including deployment dates.
  • Results of operations.
  • Discussions of areas frequented by servicemembers overseas.
  • Daily military activities and capabilities.
  • Technical information.
  • Details of weapons systems.
  • Equipment status.
  • APO addresses.

Tips/Checklist for Social Media Awareness:

  • If you’re not sure about whether or not to post something, ask your servicemember or an AMPA staff member.
  • Make sure all content is posted with organization Public Affairs guidance and DoD regulations.
  • Do not share information that you would not post on your front lawn. Once it’s out there, it’s permanent!
  • Turn off geotagging on your phone.