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Nicole Reno

Nicole RenoCommunications Assistant

Nicole Reno (San Antonio, TX) is a native Texan. She and her wife, U.S. Army SPC Liz Reno, married in May of 2014 and are currently stationed in San Antonio, TX. She works as the lead transportation coordinator for a mid size crude oil transportation company and is currently pursuing a degree with American Public University in Sports and Health Sciences.

Nicole was introduced to the American Military Partner Association by her wife Liz in the hopes she would be able to make connections with other military spouses to help her integrate into this new lifestyle. Having found so many answers to questions she didn’t even know she should be asking, she found a passion for helping to educate and inform new spouses of the ins and outs of life as a military spouse.

Nicole is excited to contribute as a communications assistant. she hopes to add her talent for blogging and usage of social media to help continue the success of AMPA’s support of the LGBT military spouse community.

To contact Nicole directly, email her