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Nick Stone

Nick StoneCommunications Director

Nick Stone (San Diego, CA) is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. When his partner of 6 years decided he wanted to join the military, Nick found AMPA in his search to learn more about what it would mean to be a supporting partner for a gay service member. When section 3 of DOMA was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, Nick and his now husband, Cort, wasted no time. With Nick still living in Utah, and Cort stationed in Washington, DC, Nick caught the next plane to the Capitol, and they were married in front of the Lincoln Monument.

Now stationed in San Diego, Nick is responsible for a wide variety of tasks in developing and promoting the organization’s mission and work for our military families. Outside of his work with AMPA, Nick also works as a freelance photographer and designer in the San Diego area. His clients and projects take him all over the country.

Nick attended Brigham Young University and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Communications. Now with AMPA’s members and supporters in the tens of thousands, Nick is excited to be working with the nation’s largest resource and support network for LGBT military partners, spouses, and their families.  To contact Nick directly, email him at

Follow Nick on Twitter at @nickcstone