Micki & Valonne

Micki & Valonne

Micki is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Valonne is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Micki is a Military Police Officer and Valonne is a soon to be Staff Judge Advocate in the USMC. 

The couple first met at the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in June of 2012 and officially began dating in November of 2012 when Valonne was Micki’s date to the Marine Corps Ball. Micki is currently in training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Valonne is finishing her final semester at Wayne State University in Detorit, Michigan.  This spring they will be moving to Sneads Ferry, North Carolin, where they will be stationed at Camp Lejeune.

Micki and Valonne recently married on March 15, 2014 in New London, Iowa.

Mikki 2Since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT), they have seen a great deal of change while they were dating. “We are truly grateful to serve in the Marine Crops where we can be out and honest about who we are with our fellow Marines.”  They believe AMPA has helped them in making a smooth transition into married military life and has given them the opportunity to make connections and network with other fellow LGBT military couples across the globe.

Micki adores how much work Valonne has committed into becoming an attorney.  She is amazed that she has not let anything get in the way of her dreams.  Not only has Valonne shown off her incredible talents as a lawyer, but she also always goes far beyond simply meeting the standards.  She has turned down many offers to work with other law firms because she has a strong desire to serve her country and fellow Marines.

mikki 3Valonne admires Micki’s personality above anything.  She always notices how Micki can light up the room just by smiling and meeting new friends.  She has a very giving heart and is incredibly patient.  Micki has the ability to connect with others on such a personal, down-to-earth level, that she can make friends wherever she goes!

While they haven’t been through their first deployment yet, their relationship has been long distance before, so they know exactly how important communication can be.  If they could give any advice, it would be to remember that when you’re missing your partner, rest assured they are missing you just as much.


  1. This is a lovely story

  2. I was privileged to attend law school with Valonne and it is wonderful to find that she has found happiness in love and her profession. Being an Air Force veteran and now civil legal advocate for low income veterans and their families, I know how proud I am to work with and for my fellow veterans and I know that she will take the tenacity, compassion, and intelligence she is know for in the courtroom to assist her fellow Marines. Blessings and Congratulations Ladies!

  3. Oorah! As a Marine, it makes me happy to see such a beautifully happy couple together with great attitudes making a dofference in the lives of young Marines. Stay classy ladies and Semper Fidelis, also you got married on my birthday this year. I was deployed but I’m happy someone enjoyed it haha. 🙂 Best of luck ladies!

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