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Maggie and Lillian met in the fall of 2012 in Destin, Florida near Eglin Air Force Base where Maggie was stationed at the time. They got married on August 21, 2014 in New York and recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Maggie is originally from Riverside, California and then moved to Tucson, Arizona before joining the Air Force after high school. Lillian was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama and relocated to Destin, Florida to pursue a career in business marketing and graphic design after college.

Maggie is currently stationed at Osan AFB in South Korea for a one year unaccompanied tour. Lillian is spending time with her family in Alabama until the couple finds out where their next PCS will be. They currently have no children, but have a pit mix, Brody. However, they plan to start a family of their own once Maggie returns from South Korea. This is their first PSC apart and they are looking forward to finding out where their next duty station will be this month.

Maggie is a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force, where she currently works with 51st LRS as a material handling equipment technician. Lillian is the owner and head graphic designer for Lillian Coleman Design (, where she helps clients create successful marketing & SEO strategies for their companies.

“Maggie’s motivation inspires me the most. She is very driven and is determined to be the best at whatever she does,” says Lillian. “Maggie has outstanding dedication to anything she is passionate about. She never gives up and will always stay dedicated and true to a task until it is complete. Whether it be dedication to her family, her career, or her 4AM workout routine, she is completely dedicated in everything she does and that is truly inspiring to me in so many ways.”


Maggie has a similar fondness of what Lillian has done for her. She tells AMPA that, “Lillian’s drive definitely inspired me to attain greatness as I continue to develop my Air Force career.”

They both really enjoy quality time together when their lives are hectic. Traveling, trying new cooking recipes, finding quaint shops and cafés, and even having a Saturday night in with a Redbox movie and take out. They really enjoy the simple things in life; this is what keeps them happy and fulfilled.

They are extremely grateful to have crossed paths, being from opposite sides of the USA. They couldn’t thank the Air Force enough for bringing them together, and it would have never happened if it wasn’t meant to be love at first sight. They are grateful for their families and friends support of their marriage and love.

Lillian is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to go on base without being escorted anymore. “There are so many little things you realize now that policies have changed and we are optimistic for the future. The Security of now being able to have my wife and our future children taken care of under the laws is something that I will never take for granted.”

“We’ve both been able to use AMPA as a crucial support system and informative resource! We had no idea something like AMPA even existed, and had no idea how we would get through the military as being a LGBT couple,” says Lillian. “Everything from information on assignment sponsorships and even hopes of starting a family have all been covered and discussed through AMPA.”

As both Maggie and Lillian are coming to a close on this unaccompanied assignment, they say that communication has been the key to their relationships success during this time of separation. “Make it a point to always set out time to talk on the phone to catch up. Ask them how their day went and tell them about your own. It is truly the little things thalm3t matter the most when you are separated.”

“Most importantly, for the spouses that are home while their partner is deployed – always pick up the phone. When they call, make that call your number one priority and they will know you are truly dedicated to them during this time apart.”

For Maggie and Lillian, they both would like to change OCONUS command sponsorship. “We’ve had to erase our overseas picks in fear of living without each other for back to back assignments,” Lillian tells us. “I don’t have a follow on after Korea so in order to stay together we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a state side assignment. Due to my AFSC I am extremely limited to where I may go and that is definitely something on our minds right now.”