Loic and Bobby met in California in the summer of 2010. With almost three years together, they have already shared much of the push and pull that stretches military families. Enjoying the simple things in life, like spending time alone outdoors chatting over a couple of glasses of red wine, or hosting a get together with friends sharing laughter and eating some great food prepared by Loic, they traverse the familiar as well as embrace new adventures.

The two have lived together in Germany, where Bobby was stationed serving in the Army as a criminal investigator. Bobby is a US Army Master Sergeant (MSG) with 17 years of service, while Loic, a citizen of France, is a literary translator and proofreader for a company based in the south of France. Upon Bobby’s deployment in July 2012, Loic returned to Montpellier, France.

During the days of DOMA, building a life for themselves with each other and two half husky/pit-bull mixes named “Chino” and “Zena,” Loic and Bobby found themselves negotiating the murky waters of protecting their relationship.  Now with the end of DOMA, that will change.

Both men have a sincere and loving relationship with their families, who love and support their partnership.  Prior to Bobby’s last deployment, he flew his mother out to meet Loic’s parents and through language barriers, the love for their son’s happiness and joy came through loud and clear!

Recognizing in each other, their own missing piece, Loic and Bobby recount what makes each other so special:

Loic: “He has a thousand different qualities that make him who he is. Bobby never gives up. He is always going to finish what he started. If there’s something he wants or needs to have…he will go for it no matter what.  He is passionate. That’s something that I absolutely love about my man.”

Bobby:  “Loic truly completes me as he is my opposite in so many ways.  He has the largest heart any human can have, and he loves until it hurts.  He can’t stand to see someone hurt, or neglected, and will go out of his way to help anyone.  For me he is my grounding rod, to keep me grounded when at times my personal and professional life pulls me in so many different directions.  He is my memory foam pillow, contoured perfectly for me, and provides me with everything I could ever want or need.  He has a smile that could warm a chilly room.  He is the first and only man to ever find the key to unlocking my heavily guarded heart.  He is my eternal soul mate.   What inspires me most about him is his aura of harmony and how he loves to spend time with friends and family.”

Through AMPA, Loic and Bobby have found a refuge for their own frustrations and challenges, with others who share their situation. It also serves as a place of inspiration to express their joy and excitement, among others who share in their joy. Loic said, “Of course we are always here for our deployed partners but the good thing about AMPA is that they understand it’s also very difficult for us civilians to deal with our lives without our special ones. AMPA cares about us, they organize meetings, they send care packages, they help us meet and befriend. What a great human and social network!”

Communication and patience are key components in relationships and especially during deployments. “They need to know love is all around no matter how far our partners are. Even when our partners are stationed in the Middle East…we have to remain understanding and patient and hope for the best.  This is key. And they also need to know we all stick together as partners of soldiers.  That’s also what AMPA is all about.”