Katherine and Jovanna met in San Antonio, Texas, in 2015. After a trip to the farmers’ market and a life changing four-hour brunch, they walked together in their first Pride Parade, sparking the beginning of a relationship which led them to tie the knot in June 2016. They currently both reside in Charlottesville, Virginia, while Katherine completes the AFIT program at the University of Virginia (UVA).

Katherine and Jovanna are also currently in the process of IVF treatments and are hoping to expand their family in the near future. For now, they have three fur babies named Enzo, Porsche, and Ainsley.

Jovanna: “We always knew we’d have children, and so we’re very excited as well as nervous to be at the advent of our journey.”

Having served in the enlisted ranks for 12 years, Katherine commissioned as an officer in 2008 and is now a Captain in the United States Air Force. Katherine was a bioenvironmental engineer for 12 years and most recently a Trauma/Critical Care Nurse and member of the Critical Care Air Transport Team at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Now, she is currently a student at UVA working to receive her Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Educator degrees.

Jovanna works for a weight loss franchise and was the Area Supervisor for 5 San Antonio clinics before they moved. She has spent more than half of her adult career in health related franchises and adores helping others. During their next PCS, they are excited to see what new adventures wait for them!

Jovanna: “This is our first PCS together, and we haven’t had any deployments either. At 40 and 35 years old, our careers and life experiences as a civilian and military member has taken us far but these two years while Kat attends UVA we look at as our grace period. We are really embracing this chapter and will hold on the precious memories for when those deployments come.”

“Katherine is extremely intelligent, very driven and her devout faith is inspiring. I swore I’d never date anyone in the military, BUT then came along Kat. When you meet her and hear her laugh, you’ll catch a glimpse of why. She truly has a heart of gold and is completely beautiful inside and out.  Her past has given her wisdom and patience and she’s incredibly strong.  I not only love her for everything she is, but now there is nothing I want more than to proudly carry the title, AIR FORCE WIFE 😉 PS She is also a huge athlete buff, and I am nothing of one.  I prefer gardening, DIY projects and cooking as a sport, but do I have to give her credit for getting me out more to actually ENJOY exercise… she is going to love knowing I’m admitting she’s right……Just this once….”

Katherine: “Jovanna is my gift from God.  She is my biggest cheerleader and encourages me to pursue any endeavor I have, despite how it may affect her.  She is incredibly talented, and she has tremendous drive for whatever projects she takes on and then ‘drops the mic’ because she is that good.  Mostly, I love how much she loves and values her friends and family. It’s admirable to witness her incredible loyalty. “

Katherine and Jovanna believe when things get tough, looking at life though a different perspective and taking time-out is a must. “Sometimes you just need to step out of the battle at hand and go for a hike. By breaking the tension, clarity and understanding will resume in the relationship and love will be your guide.”

The American Military Partner Association is near and dear to their family. They believe that AMPA unites the LGBT and military communities together and are ecstatic to have their voices represented and respected.

Jovanna: “AMPA is the backbone that holds the military and LGBT community together. You can instantly feel and see that strength and it’s very much appreciated. We are a united and respected voice within our LGBT community and the United States Military.  AMPA is crucial for the protection of modern military families.”

“It’s a frightening time to know we are being faced with the possibility of discrimination in the state we currently live in and/or PCS too. As military members, we don’t choose where we live, rather we are placed where we are needed.  Just like any other couple, we are extremely protective of each other.  I face a daily struggle her devotion and sacrifice to this country will go unnoticed and fear that she and our family will be treated as second class citizens. She was harassed and concealed her identity for 17 years of her military career prior to “don’t ask, don’t tell” ending.  Enough is enough, and we will do everything in our power to prevent anyone from pushing us back into a closet of unnecessary discrimination.  We stand for our marriage and family and demand respect for all of those who serve and protect the lives of this country.”