The Hawley-Molloy family currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, but they’ve lived all over the world. Johnathon is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and moved to the United States to work as a travel nurse. Together now for 15 years, they first met in Seattle, where Josh was stationed at Ft. Lewis. A physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Josh is now an Army Lieutenant Colonel. He is currently the program director for Internal Medicine Residency at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC). Johnathon is a registered nurse specializing in Gastroenterology, and he works as a civilian at the Gastroenterology Clinic — also at SAMMC.

They have two children, Kylie and Kaelen.

Josh: “Johnathon is an amazing dad! He is a natural with all kids; he is spontaneous, playful, and fun. That does not come easily to me, but he has inspired both to become a father, and to learn to engage with both our kids and others at their level. Since otherwise I tend to focus almost exclusively on work, it’s definitely made my life better!”

Johnathon: “I’m inspired by Josh’s generosity and kindness to others. He’s always willing to share, emotionally and financially for those in need. And despite what he says above, he is a good father to the kids and more than willing to get silly and have fun with the kids!”

Together, they’ve been though two deployments and four PCS moves.

Josh and Johnathon would one day like to PCS overseas to Europe, so they’re especially grateful for the work AMPA has done in advocating with the Department of Defense to update SOFA agreements with host nations. These agreements allow modern military families to be assigned in many places around the world.

Josh and Johnathon use running and adventure to help them strengthen their relationship. They love to explore the outdoors and travel together, even though it’s been a bit more difficult with two children now in the picture.

Josh: “We are big fans of the parks in and around San Antonio, and we definitely miss the hiking and beaches of Hawaii. We try to get back to Australia to visit Johnathon’s family every two years or so. Kylie is an amazing traveler, and we hope Kaelen will be as well.”

The Hawley-Molloy family are very thankful for the changes in laws and policies that allow their family to be protected and represented.

“The end of DADT and the recognition of our marriage have improved things for our family in a very real way. PCSing from Hawaii back to Texas in early June 2015, we had a lot of trepidation. We were unsure if our marriage would be recognized when we were purchasing our home here. Would our parental rights be respected? By the end of our first month here, however, the Supreme Court announced their decision in the Obergefell case.”

AMPA is proud to unite and connect thousands of people in ways that would have been impossible only a few years ago, and Josh and Johnathon are appreciative of how AMPA keeps them connected to news, current events, and other resources.

“We were very lucky to be the recipients of the AMPA Gala silent auction trip with R Family Vacations and Olivia to Puerto Vallarta last summer, when the winner donated the trip back to AMPA to give away. That trip was an incredible week spent with hundreds of other LGBT families. We made wonderful friends, and we are going to go back with them to Ixtapa this summer. We’d love to see some other AMPA families come!”

When facing a deployment, both Josh and Johnathon believe being busy is key to tackling the challenges ahead. AMPA allows LGBT military couples to connect to others in similar situations where they can get advice and support.

“Network with other AMPA members to find that social support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be prepared for disruption of your home routine when your partner returns; it can be hard on both of you and it is often an unexpected challenge.”