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Jim Cassidy

Jim CassidyMember of the American Military Partner Association Board of Directors

Jim Cassidy (San Diego, CA) is originally from Westerly, Rhode Island. After graduating from Westerly High School, Jim enlisted in the United States Navy. Serving within the confines of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Jim had a successful career and retired as a Chief Hospital Corpsmen and settled in Southern California.

Jim’s spouse, John, is active duty in the Navy. Looking for support during separation from his spouse due to an overseas duty station, Jim found the American Military Partner Association (then called the Campaign for Military Partners). Starting out first as a member of its National Steering Committee and then a member of the Board of Directors, Jim has grown progressively more involved in the work of AMPA. In addition to his role on the board, he actively leads AMPA outreach efforts in helping to reach and connect LGBT military partners, spouses, and their families.

Jim is also currently the Director of Programs and Community Resources with the largest HIV/AIDS Service Provider in San Diego.  To contact Jim directly, email him at