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Chris Rowzee

Chris RowzeeDirector of Family Readiness

Chris Rowzee (Louisville, KY) began her active duty career after graduating in 1984 from the US Air Force Academy. She served for 8 years (much of it pre-DADT) before leaving the active force and joining the NC Air National Guard as a traditional guardsman where she continued her service. She eventually went to work full time for the Arkansas Air National Guard, and it was there that she met her wife, who is currently an active duty guardsman for the Kentucky Air National Guard. It was also in Arkansas that she became active in advocating for LGBT rights as a founding member of Arkansans for Equality, working completely behind the scenes since DADT was still in full effect. Chris, her wife, and their toddler son currently reside in southern Indiana, near Louisville, KY.

Following her military retirement at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after 28 years’ service, Chris became actively involved with AMPA in supporting and advocating for our military families. With expertise in National Guard affairs and a strong commitment to helping our families achieve full equality in every state, Chris puts her military knowledge and experience in Public Affairs and Personnel to good use in keeping the media and public informed of the issues LGBT military spouses and their families still face.

As both a retired military member and the spouse of an active duty member, she brings unique insight to the issues our families face and she uses that knowledge in her role as Director of Family Readiness. She has appeared in both print and broadcast media interviews at the local and national levels speaking on behalf of our LGBT military spouses and their families.

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