AMPA was proud to partner with Blue Star Families for its 2016 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, and hundreds of LGBT service members and family members made their voice heard.

When it comes to military readiness:

  • LGBT respondents feel comfortable on base, but identify healthcare as top area for improvement.
  • 90% were comfortable using on-base services such as the commissary, exchange, MWR, and family readiness services.
  • Over two-thirds (68%) felt comfortable attending official military events with their partner.
  • However, 38% felt Tricare’s policies and familiarity regarding LGBT healthcare needs were inadequate and 28% felt accessibility to appropriate medical care from LGBT affirming/ culturally competent providers was inadequate.

When it comes to recruitment, other findings gave insight into the military’s new policy finally allowing transgender service members to serve openly:

  • Recent changes to expand eligibility to serve or serve in combat did not negatively impact respondents’ satisfaction with military life, decrease likelihood of staying in, or affect proclivity to recommend service.
  • The Department of Defense has a significant opportunity to educate and inform the large population who have yet to make a decision on the recent service eligibility expansions.

Check out further details below, or find the full comprehensive report here.