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Ashley Broadway-Mack

Ashley Broadway-MackPresident of the American Military Partner Association

Ashley Broadway (Washington, DC) was born in Montgomery, Alabama, but as a child she moved all over the South. After settling in Columbus, Georgia, she attended Columbus State University for her undergraduate studies and then completed her masters degree at Troy University. It was during this time that Ashley met her spouse, Heather, who was stationed at Fort Benning. In late 1997, Ashley and Heather began their life together and spent the next 14 years under the threat of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

After 13 years in the classroom, Ashley walked away from teaching to be a stay-at-home mom. Living in the shadows as the same-sex partner of a service member under the threat of DADT, Ashley found the Campaign for Military Partners and became a founding board member of the American Military Partner Association (AMPA). It was through AMPA that Ashley found her new passion to assist other LGBT military families by working through the existing inequalities we face. Through her over 19 years as a military spouse, she is able to combine the traditions of the Army, while moving towards its vision of tomorrow.  She is honored to serve as the President of AMPA where she leads the organization in a strategic mission of education, advocacy, and support for our modern military families. To contact Ashley directly, email her at

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