AMPA Local Modern Military Family Networks

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With more than 50,000 members and supporters, AMPA is proud to be the nation’s leading organization for LGBT military spouses and their families. Through our unprecedented work, we’re building strong resource and support networks like no other. AMPA hosts local modern military family networks across the country and around the world. If you’re a military partner or spouse and wish to join a local AMPA network near you, click here to request to be added to our main Private Online Support Network just for LGBT military partners and spouses.  Once you’re added there, you can then request in the group to be added to your local network as well.

Current AMPA local modern military family networks include:

  • AMPA Alaska
  • AMPA Arizona
  • AMPA Arkansas/Oklahoma
  • AMPA Central California
  • AMPA Colorado
  • AMPA Florida
  • AMPA Georgia/Alabama
  • AMPA Hawaii
  • AMPA Illinois
  • AMPA Indiana
  • AMPA Kansas/Missouri
  • AMPA Kentucky/Tennessee
  • AMPA Louisiana/Mississippi
  • AMPA Michigan
  • AMPA Mid-Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA)
  • AMPA National Capital Region (Washington, DC)
  • AMPA Nevada
  • AMPA New England
  • AMPA New Mexico
  • AMPA North Carolina
  • AMPA Northern California
  • AMPA Ohio
  • AMPA Pacific Northwest
  • AMPA South Carolina
  • AMPA Southern California
  • AMPA Texas
  • AMPA Utah
  • AMPA Virginia
  • AMPA Wyoming


  • AMPA Germany
  • AMPA Guam
  • AMPA Japan
  • AMPA South Korea
  • AMPA United Kingdom

Focus Networks:

  • Military Veteran Families of AMPA
  • AMPA Families with Kids
  • AMPA Transgender Family Support and Resources