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Our Mission:

Connecting, Supporting, Honoring, and Serving the Partners and Spouses

of America’s LGBT Servicemembers and Veterans – Our “Modern Military Families”


AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” Campaign

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the collection of moments captured in AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” campaign represents a series of compelling novels that tells the story of our community, our lives, and our unique contributions in service to our nation. Explore the collection of photos of AMPA members from across the country and around the world to get to know our modern military families.

AMPA’s National & Local Private Online Networks

for LGBT Military Partners & Spouses


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AMPA joins forces with the UberMILITARY Families Coalition!

Learn more about this unique entrepreneurial opportunity for modern military spouses.

The Latest from the AMPA Blog

Openly Gay Man Nominated as Secretary of the Army

Today, the American Military Partner Association (AMPA) praised the news that President Obama has chosen to nominate Eric Fanning as Secretary of the U.S. Army — making him the first openly gay civilian to be nominated as secretary of one of the military...

The Heroes Who Walk Among Us

This past week we celebrated as a fAMPAly, our 2nd Anniversary of the Military opening its doors to same-sex spouses in the form of ID cards and all the rights and benefits that befit a military family. What may seem mundane and “a given” today, was an extraordinary...

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

You never forget the phone call.  That moment when someone has to tell you that you have lost a friend, lover, husband, wife, parent, or sibling. The deadening silence that engulfs you as your mind mutes the world for a moment, in a vain attempt to help you process...

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