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Our Mission:

Connecting, Supporting, Honoring, and Serving the Partners and Spouses

of America’s LGBT Servicemembers and Veterans – Our “Modern Military Families”


AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” Campaign

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the collection of moments captured in AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” campaign represents a series of compelling novels that tells the story of our community, our lives, and our unique contributions in service to our nation. Explore the collection of photos of AMPA members from across the country and around the world to get to know our modern military families.

AMPA’s National & Local Private Online Networks

for LGBT Servicemembers, Partners, & Spouses

The Latest from the AMPA Blog

Still Fighting for VA Benefits

“Dear Ms. Wunderlich, We have received your application for benefits. We may need more information from you. We will contact you with the information we may need.” This, I am convinced, is one of the many “VA ways” that actually say ‘yep, we got your...


Survival was the name of the game. The objective was to retire from the military with honor and with my dignity intact. It was a game that was seemingly impossible to beat, considering all of the obstacles and dangers that were spread along the way like virtual...

It’s Time to Move Again

The time has come to move again, and after going through this process five times, I believe this time to have successfully eliminated a lot of the stress of moving, by organizing and planning my move with a little more strategy. I hope this article makes others have a...

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