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Our Mission:

Connecting, Supporting, Honoring, and Serving the Partners and Spouses

of America’s LGBT Servicemembers and Veterans – Our “Modern Military Families”


AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” Campaign

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the collection of moments captured in AMPA’s “Faces of Our Families” campaign represents a series of compelling novels that tells the story of our community, our lives, and our unique contributions in service to our nation. Explore the collection of photos of AMPA members from across the country and around the world to get to know our modern military families.

AMPA’s National & Local Private Online Networks

for LGBT Servicemembers, Partners, & Spouses

The Latest from the AMPA Blog

Surviving the Waiting Game

I’m not a patient woman, just ask my kids and my wife. I don’t even like waiting for my gum to be scanned before pulling that little red thread to satiate my need for instant gratification. So you would think, becoming a military spouse was a really lousy idea.  Most...

Today We Celebrate; Tomorrow We Fight

Today, October 6th, marks 13 years that my wife, Novia, and I have been together. 13 years! We met while still under the legal oppression known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Truth be told, I never thought that in my lifetime, certainly not in my military career, I would...

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